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Are you planning a film project in New Zealand, Australia or anywhere in the Pacific Basin?

Do you need a freight specialist who can handle all your time-specific requirements? Want your production to run without a glitch from the outset right through the wrap.

Specialist in Film & Entertainment Industry

Xtreme freight forwarding offers you service to the extreme. With a complete understanding of the requirements of the film industry, you can draw on over 20 years of specialised knowledge and experience.

Specialised Transport

Xtreme Forwarding will supply the transport medium best suited to your particular specifications. This includes Airryde trucks, nose and side load aircraft, refridgerated vehicles, over-size or abnormal loads, and temperature controlled environments en route for sensitive equipment.

Expert in International Logistics

We have a long list of credentials which back up our expertise. You'll enjoy Xtra-ordinary service from a reliable, enthusiastic team of freight specialists who really know what they are doing